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Building and Empowering

Helping people help themselves

The organization Building and Empowering invites you:

What impact do small businesses have on Africa's economy?

February 29, 2024, at 7:30 PM

Building and Empowering aims to provide hope and encouragement for small business owners in their entrepreneurial development. The event offers insights into project work.

Fabrik Bistro Bern

Fabrikstrasse 2a, 3012 Bern

Parking: PH Bern, Entrance on Bremgartenstrasse side


Building & empowering

Building and Empowering stands for the training and development of entrepreneurs in developing countries. By means of further training, their knowledge is to be expanded and their basic requirements for healthy growth of their business activity are to be strengthened. Through the joint commitment, jobs are to be created and the entrepreneurial activity is to be improved in terms of quality and quantity. The idea of Building and Empowering was founded by committed people in Switzerland and Cameroon with a Christian background. Participation is open to all denominations and ethnicities. 

Bernhard Zaugg, founder and project manager

Our goal

Building and Empowering wants to support and motivate an entrepreneur in his/her work with training offers. The entrepreneurs control the commitment and the processes themselves and they also have to raise the funds themselves. Building and Empowering engages in the following 3 areas:


Entrepreneurs meet and share their problems.


They want to develop together and, thanks to the close exchange, also support each other. 

training courses

As an organization we offer training on various topics.


The topics are defined and published annually by the countries and their members. 


There is also the possibility of personal coaching as an entrepreneur.


In these talks, topics about his company, such as questions about further development and processes, can be discussed in confidence. 

Building and empowering  does not give credit. The allocation of funds can offer false incentives, but also requires an enormously high legal basis. The development of dedicated microcredit banks is and will be widespread  aimed at cooperative cooperation in the respective countries.



The association Building and Empowering Switzerland seeks partnerships and cooperation with associations in developing countries or sets up its own structures there in the name of Building and Empowering.  

A new club in a developing country should be financially supported for three years, after which it should be able to finance its own administrator.

The courses and training developed by Building and Empowering are available to all.


Support Association Switzerland

board members

The association Building and Empowering Switzerland was founded in September 2021.

It is tax-exempt retrospectively as of January 1, 2022.

Request lectures - talks

Are you interested in talking to us, in some way supporting the project? We are looking forward to your contact.

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Building and Empowering Switzerland

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